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Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

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Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

When it comes to matters of the heart, we are here to help!

Stroobants Cardiovascular Center Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation program guides you and your family through recovery after a heart-related event. Research has shown that cardiac rehabilitation significantly reduces your risk of heart problems happening again. It also helps you regain your independence. And the first step is staying aware of your heart health and risks! 

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While the core of cardiac rehabilitation is exercise, the program also targets nutrition and diet, weight management, and handling the emotional aspects of recovery. The second step is participating in our cardiac rehab programs.

Program benefits include:
- Improve your strength and endurance
- Understand your symptoms and medications
- Return to daily activities
- Improve quality of life
- Do more of the things you enjoy!

Your cardiac rehab team understands that it can be difficult returning to an active life after being hospitalized and living with a chronic heart problem. We offer classes, individualized counseling and plenty of encouragement to help you on your journey. Cardiac rehabilitation is a positive environment to learn, try new health behaviors, have fun and get better.

For more information call 434.200.3430.

Additional Health Risk Assessments

Our goal is to help get you back on track, but also to teach you ways to be proactive in your health. With that we offer a number of free health risk assessments in addition to HeartAware in order to help you  stay aware of your health risks and continue making healthy choices to keep your heart, mind, and body strong!

Peripheral Artery Disease PADAware

Additional programs

Once you are aware of your risks, take next step with one of our wellness programs. Join us for NEW - Nutrition, Eating, and Wellness, Smoking Cessation, and Healthy Steps exercise programs.

 N.E.W.  - Nutrition Eating and Wellness
Smoking Cessation
Healthy Steps