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Centra Mammography and Breast Imaging Services are fully digital, utilizing the latest diagnostic technology available.

These digital screenings are offered at the Mammography Center on Timberlake Road, Tate Springs Mammography Center, Centra Bedford Memorial Hospital, Centra Gretna Medical Center, Centra Southside Community Hospital, and the Mobile Mammography Van.

Schedule a Mammogram 

To schedule by phone, call one of the following locations:
Lynchburg (Timberlake Rd. & Tate Springs Rd.): 434.200.4048
Bedford: 540.587.7806
Farmville (Southside): 434.315.2770
Gretna: 434.200.4048

Advantages of Digital Mammography

Compared to the older analog (film) methods, digital mammograms offer advantages for detecting breast cancer, especially in women younger than 50, women who are perimenopausal, and those who have dense breast tissue. Digital images are sent to a computer instead of film and are easily stored and retrieved. The technologist has the ability to review images immediately to determine quality, so patients spend less time in the exam room. The radiologist can magnify the images and change contrast or brightness, providing more information for diagnosis. With digital, there is also better visibility at the skin line. Computer-aided detection (CAD) technology is built in, which flags abnormalities and is, in essence, a second set of eyes to the radiologist.

Diagnostic Mammography

Diagnostic mammograms are specialized mammograms designed to solve a particular problem. They usually involve more x-rays taken from different angles to carefully study the breast. Reasons to have a diagnostic mammogram include:

  • Question arising from a screening mammogram
  • Personal history of breast cancer
  • A lump or thickening in the breast or armpit
  • Nipple discharge or nipple inversion
  • Focal breast pain that does not go away
  • Skin dimpling or puckering
  • Scaly, red, or swollen skin on the breast
  • Change in the size or shape of the breast
  • Follow-up exams

Additional Testing Options

  • Breast ultrasound – useful in determining cysts from solid masses and characterizing masses and lumps
  • Breast biopsy
  • Stereotactic-guided breast biopsy
  • Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy
  • Galactography
  • Needle localization
  • Breast MRI (at Lynchburg General Hospital)

Free Mammograms

Centra Health, in partnership with the Centra Foundation and MAAM (Mammograms Annually A Must) offers free Mammography screening to women 40 years of age or older who do not have health insurance or are underinsured and have not had a mammogram in the last year.  Mammograms are offered at The Timberlake Mammography Center, The Tate Springs Mammography Center, Centra Bedford Memorial Hospital, Centra Southside Community Hospital, and Centra Gretna Medical Center.