"Strength lies in the differences, not the similarities."

Diversity and Inclusion at Centra

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Diversity and Inclusion at Centra

Diversity and inclusion at Centra involve creating an inclusive environment wherein differences are valued and integrated into everything that Centra does. By recognizing the unique contributions of each individual, we encompass all of the ways in which human beings are both similar and different. Remarkable things happen when we encourage different points of view, value our various talents and skills, and learn from one another's experiences. By integrating various diversity and inclusion strategies within Centra’s culture, we are effectively serving the needs of our diverse population within the community, while enhancing our distinct talents to improve our ability to deliver excellent care for life to all.

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Centra Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement

Diversity and inclusion are central to Centra’s mission of excellent care.

This mission, while simple in words, is broad in implication and effect. The statement, as well as all actions supported by the diversity and inclusion program, is intended to encompass race, age, ethnicity, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, disabilities, nationality, and veteran status.

Objectives of our Diversity and Inclusion Program

Centra’s vision to be the most trusted provider of innovative healthcare is best accomplished by ensuring we are a regional healthcare system that embraces diversity and inclusion among its community and workforce. Indeed, an environment that is inclusive of everyone and recognizes and rewards the contributions of an entire workforce ignites motivation and passion. As a result, everyone benefits — our health system, our patients, our community, and our employees.

Centra’s Diversity and Inclusion Program is organized around four primary goals:

  • Promoting the recruitment and advancement of students and staff from diverse backgrounds.

  • Respecting and encouraging cultural diversity and inclusion throughout our health system

  • Creating a climate of inclusiveness, respect, and understanding

  • Improving access to quality healthcare for underserved populations of our community 

These goals are accomplished with a three-fold priority:

  • Organizational Behavior – to ensure that leadership, physicians, staff, volunteers and the organization's culture represent and value each other and the communities served
  • Career Engagement – inspire and mentor individuals from the community to consider and pursue health care careers
  • Clinical Practice – to ensure patient satisfaction and loyalty and improve treatment outcomes through the cultural and linguistic competence of clinicians.

Structure of Centra's Diversity and Inclusion Program

The Diversity and Inclusion Program at Centra is an organizational wide effort and has three legs: Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee, Clinical Diversity and Inclusion Council for Frontline Staff, and Diversity and Inclusion Community Advisory Board. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee is aimed at promoting organizational inclusion of staff and physicians and designed to promote attracting and retaining a workforce that reflects the community which Centra serves. The committee meets every other month. This committee is comprised of members from across the organization including Centra Southside Community Hospital, Centra Medical Group, and Centra Medical Staff Office.

The Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee has six working sub-committees of frontline staff that meet on an as needed basis. The objectives of these five sub-committees are:

  • Hiring
  • Retention/Support
  • Inclusion
  • Education
  • Professional Development

The six subcommittees are:

  • Diversity Event Planning
  • Scholarship Development
  • Training and Education
  • Mentorship and Resource Development
  • Policies and Benefits
  • Care Giver Award (temporary name)

The Clinical Diversity and Inclusion Council for Frontline Staff upholds a mission to ensure cultural competency of frontline staff throughout the organization and promotion of the CLAS standards (an integral part of the Centra Diversity Plan 2009-2010).

The Diversity and Inclusion Community Advisory Board consists of members who reflect the diversity of the community Centra serves. The Board's mission is to advise and influence the direction of Centra in creating a culture of inclusiveness of staff and patients in order to promote a healthy community.