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Partnering with you to live your best life.

We want to listen carefully and get to know you well. We want to understand your hopes, goals and dreams. We want to do our part so you can be your very best - as you define it. This remains true whether you are a patient, a Centra Caregiver, or a member of the communities we serve.

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Respect & Kindness
Respect & Kindness
  • Centra Caregivers identify a need and go above and beyond to help patients, visitors and each other.
  • Centra Caregivers smile, make eye contact and greet others.
  • Centra Caregivers humbly apologize when we fall short of expectations.
  • Centra Caregivers steer negative conversations to resolution.
  • Centra Caregivers will take the time to communicate with clarity.
  • Centra Caregivers work proactively to resolve conflict and seek opportunities to cooperate with others.
  • Centra Caregivers are aware of their impact on others and the organization.
  • Centra Caregivers encourage best practice in everything they do.
  • Centra Caregivers understand the need to advocate for high quality and a safety-first culture.
  • Centra Caregivers are curious – they embrace lifelong learning, ask questions and encourage others to ask questions in order to continuously improve and expand their skills and knowledge.
  • Centra Caregivers are disciplined in setting and exceeding measurable and actionable goals (e.g. Foundational Five).
  • Centra Caregivers’ behavior will align with the best interests of Centra.
  • Centra Caregivers demonstrate a sense of personal responsibility for the long-term financial vitality and sustainability of Centra.
  • Centra Caregivers safeguard and appropriately use Centra assets (human & capital).
  • Centra Caregivers understand and accept that they are accountable for the results related to the work they are assigned.
  • Centra Caregivers protect and take care of the needs of others.
  • Centra Caregivers do the right thing even when no one knows.
  • Centra Caregivers own their words and actions.
  • Centra Caregivers can be trusted to do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it.
  • Centra Caregivers are respectfully honest and direct.
  • Centra Caregivers believe honesty is the foundation on which coworkers build trust.
  • Centra Caregivers are committed to creating positive outcomes.
  • Centra Caregivers collaborate openly and honestly.
  • Centra Caregivers promote and celebrate the success of others more than themselves.
  • Centra Caregivers go above and beyond to meet the needs of patients, visitors and one another.
  • Centra Caregivers work as a team to achieve our goals.
  • Centra Caregivers assume positive intent.
  • Centra Caregivers learn from adversity.
Equity & Inclusion
Equity & Inclusion
  • Centra Caregivers create an environment in which all individuals or groups can feel acknowledged, welcomed, respected, supported and valued to fully participate.
  • Centra Caregivers create space where everyone is treated  fairly, has equal access and opportunity.
  • Centra Caregivers celebrate, appreciate and seek to understand the differences and gifts of everyone including each other, patients, guests and visitors.
  • Centra Caregivers courageously share their perspectives and encourage others to do the same.
  • Centra Caregivers use our differences and similarities
    to achieve our just cause.




We are in the people business and they are at the center of what we do! We are a group of people caring for another group of people.

Healthier Communities

We want to keep our communities healthy when they aren’t sick and help them get healthy when they are sick. This is how we do our part in making our communities healthier.


We can do everything right but if people can’t get to us they cannot get the great care we have to give. It is important to connect to those in outlying areas – that might be working with government officials on broadband access or adjusting hours to be available for appointments at their convenience.


Plain and simple, we want to work at becoming increasingly affordable.


Making sure we are here well into the future for our Caregivers and our communities.