Aaron Bond

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Aaron Bond

Medical Doctor

Contact Information: 
CMG Neurosurgery
2138 Langhorne Road
Lynchburg , VA 24501
Phone: 434.200.3920

Dr. Bond is trained in general neurosurgery with special emphasis on the treatment of movement disorders, epilepsy and complex spinal disorders.  Dr. Bond also has a PhD in electrical engineering with a focus on laser technology and leverages his background in engineering to contribute to advancements in image-guided, minimally invasive and non-invasive techniques.  He has received both the Horsley memorial award for research and the stereotactic and functional award for his research on MR guided focused ultrasound, an incision-less technology for the treatment of essential  tremor and Parkinson's disease.  


University of Virginia - 2018 - Field: Neurosurgery

Medical Education

University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine - 2011 - Field: Medical Doctorate
University of Southern California - 1999 - Field: PhD
Diplomat of the American Board of Neurological Surgery