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Our Outcomes

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Our Outcomes

CENTRA REHABILITATION is recognized as a top performing clinic for its results from FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes) to assess patient care efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction. FOTO uses a 10-point, risk-adjusted criteria set to compare patient care measures amongst its database of 3,000+ US providers.

How do we use FOTO and its statistical comparisons?

Ensure Patients Truly Benefit

While many therapy techniques can temporarily reduce pain, physical therapy’s ultimate goal is measurable improvement in functional status. CENTRA performs regular assessments of patient progress through both objective measures (ROM, strength,  etc.) and functional status.

Ensure Patient Goals Are Met

Through regular assessments, CENTRA clinicians ensure that we are addressing patients’ pain and objective measures, as well as their functional goals.

Ensure Therapy Dollars Work

By continuously comparing our performance to those of 3000+ outpatient therapy clinics nationwide, we are able to ask: do our treatments meet the National Standards of Care for effectiveness and efficiency? CENTRA has demonstrated that we not only meet those standards, we exceed them in ALL areas.

Our Scores