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Spiritual Care and Education

Chaplains at Centra are professionally trained board certified clergy. Their primary ministry is to those patients, residents, and family members who need support throughout the journey of illness, injury, and recovery. Our chaplains serve in all areas of Centra facilities. Any patient or family who asks to see a chaplain will find one available around the clock. Our chaplains recognize that our patients and residents come from all walks of life and bring with them a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. We minister to each individual with sensitivity to personal beliefs and the need to be connected to one's own faith community.

For more information please call the Department of Spiritual Care and Education:

Lynchburg​ 434-200-4501​
Farmville​ ​434-315-2488
Bedford​ ​540-587-7852

If you are looking for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), please visit our site below: 

Clinical Pastoral Education 

If you are looking for Congregation and Community Health,  please visit the site below: 

Congregation and Community Health 

Advance Directives

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Advance Directive document that you can fill out offline.

In the event that a patient becomes too ill or incapacitated to express his or her wishes, it is important the your family and the medical staff know how to proceed with treatment. Advance directive documents legally convey the patients' decisions regarding end-of-life care in the event they are unable to convey such wishes themselves. It is very important to make time to create each patient's advance directive so that they will be provided with a method to communicate with family, friends and medical staff to avoid confusion regarding their treatment desires should an unfortunate circumstance arise.

A living will provides each patient the opportunity to express they're intent regarding sustained life options. Each patient may accept or refuse medical care however there are many additional detailed decisions to make including:

  • The use of dialysis and breathing machines
  • If the patient wants to be resuscitated if breathing or heartbeat stops
  • Should tube feeding be considered in the even the patient is unable to eat or nourish themselves
  • Would the patient consider organ and/or tissue donation

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