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Cancer Nutrition Services

A patient's nutritional status can affect how they feel and how well they cope with medical treatments. A well-nourished body can aid in recuperation from surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and stress, as well as build new tissues and prevent tissue breakdown and weight loss. 

Nutritional intervention is an essential component of care for oncology patients. Clinical dietitians offer information to oncology inpatients and outpatients, which is integral to understanding, minimizing, and possibly overcoming the components of cancer that affect nutritional status. Information is offered during counseling sessions, and individual meal plans may be provided to meet a person's specialized needs.

Dietitians also provide appropriate medical nutritional therapy to combat the ill effects of cancer. They may suggest providing smaller, more frequent meals, nutritional supplements, and alternative food choices (meals from home or additional foods from the kitchen). Nutrition assistants are available to help patients with meal selections that are available on and off menu. The clinical dietitian offers education and support for both inpatients and outpatients who require tube feedings for nourishment. Community programs are presented regarding eating habits that can help prevent cancer or delay disease.

*Nutrition appointments can be scheduled  by calling Oncology Administration at 434.200.4512.