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Inpatient Oncology

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Inpatient Oncology

The Centra Lynchburg General Hospital Oncology Unit is dedicated to caring for cancer patients in a holistic way – body, mind, and spirit. The unit provides a range of care from diagnosis and treatment to palliative. Our specially trained staff works with patients and families in various stages of the disease process. The best plans of care for patients are reviewed weekly. The staff's dedication is evidenced by the many patients and families who keep in contact with the staff through personal visits and giving cards, flowers, and meals. 

Our clinical coordinator works with staff and physicians to meet the educational needs of patients and their families. The coordinator has developed various educational materials and uses many resources to assist patients with their home care and medications. Her work with the interdisciplinary team has helped to reduce patients' lengths of stay. Her role includes coordinating the care of all hospitalized cancer patients in both of our hospitals – not just on our unit.

Nurses on the oncology unit are certified in several areas: oncology, medical-surgical, and gerontology. Their combined years of nursing experience exceeds 410 years. Some staff nurses are pursuing advanced degrees, and several of our certified nursing assistants are nursing students. Many nurses are members of the Oncology Nursing Society and our local ONS chapter.

Our oncology staff use their hands and hearts to provide the special care that cancer patients and their families need and deserve. Their pride in their profession and dedication to their patients makes oncology nursing rewarding and our oncology unit a special place to work.

RENEW | A Program for Survivors

What is RENEW?

RENEW includes a wide range of therapies designed to help you build strength and endurance, regain independence, reduce stress, and maintain the energy you need to participate in daily activities that are important to you. Below are the rehabilitation therapies we offer patients:

Physical therapy

As part of your cancer treatment, our physical therapists can help you design an individualized exercise program that combines range-of-motion training with light resistance exercises. These therapeutic exercises aim to reduce fatigue and optimize physical function, safety, and well-being.

Occupational therapy

Our occupational therapists can help you with daily living activities that are important to your routine and quality of life, such as dressing, showering, and eating.

Speech and language pathology

Many cancer patients benefit from speech and language pathology. Therapists address problems you might experience, including dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, loss of voice, and cognitive changes that can result from cancer treatment.

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