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Centra begins Community Health Needs Assessment

Friday, April 23, 2021


Every three years Centra, as a not-for-profit healthcare system, is required to complete a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for the communities it serves. Part of this assessment is conducted by surveying the general population within those communities and then analyzing the data to identify health disparities and determine how to best serve those communities.

This work has become so essential to Centra that it is part of our Just Cause, “partnering with people to live their best lives.” All Centra grants and sponsorships are linked to CHNA priority areas as well. Further, this work elevates the voice of the community and supports Centra’s community partners by providing real time insight and data to address identified needs and community engagement.

This work provides insight for Centra to aid in developing healthier communities; it guides Centra and our community partners as they develop strategic plans to address identified needs; it informs how Centra invest its funds and resources back into the community to address those identified needs.

Centra is asking community members to take action and make their voice heard by completing the survey online at https://www.centrahealth.com/CHNA. Surveys are open to all Centra communities until June 15, 2021.