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Centra to Offer Employee Wellness Program

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In a significant step to enhance employer wellness using a local option, Centra is pleased to announce its all-inclusive employer wellness program.

A key component of this service is Centra’s purchase of Panoramic Wellness, a local wellness solutions provider In Lynchburg.  Panoramic will be joining the Centra system this month and will be the front end of the employer wellness program.

Centra Panoramic will offer a wide array of options catering to the needs and goals of employers in Central Virginia. Employers will have many options to choose from;

-      Occupational Medicine: Centra’s HealthWorks is a full-service occupational medicine practice that collaborates with employers to offer care for injured workers. HealthWorks is led by the only certified Medical Review Officers in the region. They offer physical exams, screenings, x-rays, testing services, acute injury treatment, and employee physical rehabilitation services.

-     Wellness Program Design: Centra Panoramic is a full-service employee wellness program. They develop a working relationship with employers in order to design a wellness program that best suits the needs, goals and budget of an organization. Panoramic provides a wellness planning process where they develop long term plans that create a culture of wellness within an organization. They offer program design and management, health/wellness assessments, wellness coaching, biometric screenings and incentive campaign design and management.

-     Employee Clinics: Centra Medical Group provides employer clinics ranging from on-site clinics to part-time nurse services and physician consultations. CMG can structure clinics to help employers reduce costs related to their employee medical care and can offer sick care, exams with referrals to primary and/or specialty care, vaccines, lab tests and x-rays.

-     Health Risk Management: Centra’s health risk management component analyzes employer health plan claims data to provide risk reports to help employers understand where their employees’ health stands and how to help them get healthier.  Also included is a voluntary care support service to help employees who need personal assistance navigating difficult and costly personal medical issues.

"The program benefits will be far reaching," said E.W Tibbs, Centra President and CEO. “Individually employees across the region will improve their health while employers reduce their overall healthcare expenses. Collectively, the community will benefit by achieving better health for the residents of this region."

For more information, please visit the Centra Panoramic website at, www.panoramicwellness.com.