Take our online wellness assessments to determine if you are at risk and how to best establish healthy habits!

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Community Wellness

Centra understands the importance of making healthcare available to our community. That's why we want to provide as many resources as possible to come along side those who are taking the initiative to improve the health and wellness of the members of our surrounding areas

Wellness Assessments

At Centra, we believe that great health begins with access to excellent resources and knowledge. That's why the Centra Stroobants Heart Center has made available mutliple wellness awareness online tests that you can access wherever you are. These free online assessments provide step-by-step short questionnaires that are easy to complete. At the end of the assessment, you will receive personalized, strictly confidential information that will help you:

Assess your current health status and identify those medical or lifestyle conditions that may lead to development of a disease
Take action to reduce your level of risk, including making you aware of the many services available through Centra

Choose your assessment:  

HeartAware free online risk assessment

LungAware free online risk assessment

StrokeAware free online risk assessment

PADAware free online risk assessment

DiabetesAware free online risk assessment

SleepAware free online risk assessment

SpineAware free online risk assessment

Additional Resources

Weight Management N.E.W Program 

Smoking Cessation Program

Fitness Assessment Healthy Steps Program 

Corporate Wellness

We believe that healthy employees lead to stronger corporations and communities! If you are looking for corporate wellness programs for your company, visit Healthworks to learn more about our available opportunities.