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Donations - Ways to Help

While we are urging people to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guidance for social distancing and staying home as much as possible, many people are still looking for ways they can help.  We are so grateful for your generosity as we navigate through these challenging times.  Opportunities to help include making masks, donating PPE, food and other items,  and of course monetary donations.

How to Donate Hand-Sewn Face Masks

We are so grateful! Community volunteers have sewn and donated many hundreds of fabric facemasks to help our patients and caregivers during the pandemic. If you would like to donate cloth masks, please drop them off at the location below. A recommended sewing pattern, along with suggested cloth materials, can also be found below. 

Your efforts are appreciated!

Drop-off locations with bins clearly marked are located at the following facilities:
  • George and Rosemary Dawson Inn- Front entrance, under the awning
  • Bedford Memorial Hospital- Front Entrance, clearly marked in a red bin
  • Southside Community Hospital- Main entrance
  • Gretna Medical Center- primary care front desk
Facemask Pattern and Instructions
  • Create a template using cardboard/posterboard measuring 9 ½ inches by 15 ½ inches
  • Using 100 % cotton, cut out rectangles.
  • Fold in half like a book right sides together and sew edges leaving an opening approx. 2 inches and trim corners.
  • Flip inside out and iron.
  • Sew small opening shut.
  • Create two horizontal pleats, pin. Mask should measure approx. 4 inches from top to bottom.
  • Cut 5 inches of thin elastic, 1 for each side.
  • Attach small elastic to top and bottom of each side.

How to Donate Non-Monetary Items (Food, Flowers, Etc.)

Centra caregivers are also happily accepting donations in the form of food, flowers, books, and other supportive or encouraging gifts. To schedule donated meals,  please email or fill out the form below; and a member of our community liaison team will get back to you to coordinate the donation.

Fill out the Donation Form

Guidelines for accepting food donations

Acceptable Donations: 
  • Boxed Lunches (hot or cold) from a restaurant 
  • Individual, portioned cookies, baked in a commercial kitchen 
  • Hot food, packaged individually, ready to serve, from a commercial kitchen 
  • Prepackaged snacks or cookies (grab and go) 
  • Fresh fruit, vegetables, that can be washed and portioned 
  • Pantry Items that can be handed out (cereals, baking mixes, canned goods) 
Please note, if donating food, that food safety is a big concern. All food must be:
  • produced from a permitted Health Department inspected kitchen,
  • must be in individual portions and wrapped individually,
  • and delivered to an agreed upon location, depending on the facility. 

PPE or Medical Equipment Donations

If you are able to donate any PPE or Medical Equipment during this time, please email directly. They will connect you with someone in Centra who can review your donation and coordinate a time and location for drop off. We are very grateful for this type of assistance, but any PPE or medical donations must be thoroughly reviewed so please do not come by unannounced to make your donation.     

Monetary Donations

A gift to the Centra Foundation’s Greatest Need fund will allow your local healthcare system to quickly respond to the current and changing demands of the COVID pandemic in a variety of ways:  purchase ventilators, equipment and supplies such as PPE (personal protective equipment), support our caregivers, establish ancillary treatment areas for potential patient surges, provide public health education and more. Please click here if you can help with a monetary donation.

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