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Emily's Testimonial

What was difficult, painful, or frustrating about your life before weight loss?

Not being able to wear the pretty outfits that my younger sisters would wear. Having to do the “walk of shame” when I couldn’t fit on a ride at the amusement parks. Being worried about whether or not I would fit in the seat of an airplane or having to wear an extender belt because the seatbelt would not fit across my abdomen. Getting up in the mornings and not being able to walk across the floor due to pain in my feet and legs. My overall health, tiredness, shortness of breath, no energy, and hiding from the world and family due to the embarrassment of being fat.

Why did you choose Centra Weight Loss Services for your bariatric care?

Working with the bariatric program and seeing the program as a whole was a big factor in my decision to choose Centra for weight loss surgery.

What is something you’re most excited about or most proud of after losing weight?

Being able to ride the “kiddie” rollercoasters after surgery with my six-year-old grandson, Matty, who is a rollercoaster fanatic! Also being able to complete not one, but two 5K runs. I love the fact that I can now run up and down the stairs and do so many things that for so long I couldn’t do.

Can you describe your comfort with the quality of care and the people caring for you, before, during, and after your surgery?

This is by far the best group. I am so blessed to be not only a patient but a part of this program. The care I received before, during, and after surgery is by far the best care I’ve ever received. I have no regrets about my decision to have weight loss surgery or my choice of providers.

What is the one thing you would share with someone who is just thinking about weight loss surgery for the first time?

Do your research – talk to others who have had surgery or are going through the process of surgery. Ask questions – make sure you have faith and confidence in your surgeon and his team. I am so thankful for my tool that has helped me to lose 153 pounds. I’ve been on this journey the same as our patients and if I can help make a difference in someone else’s journey then I am forever blessed!