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Centra is not just a regional health care system of four hospitals. We are the Centra Medical Group — your network of local family practices, primary care physicians, and medical and surgical specialists. We understand that with today's fast-paced lifestyle, having your family's physicians close by is essential.

With over 300 physicians, specialists and surgeons covering the greater Lynchburg area and spanning from Danville to Farmville and Moneta to Amherst, the Centra Medical Group brings to your community primary care physicians, cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, gerontologists, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, psychiatrists, therapists, and urologists.

Through the Centra Medical Group, you are connected to Centra's wider health care system, where award winning services, access to advanced technologies, and a full complement of specialties are available to meet the medical needs of you and your family.

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Board of Directors

Centra Medical Group is governed by an elected board of directors that represents a cross section of the employed physicians from various areas and specialties. 

Henry Wilson, MD, Chair, CMG Board 
Bikram Bal, MD,  Vice Chair, CMG Board
Erin Baird, CNM, CMG Board Member
Virginia Blanks, MD, CMG Board Member
William Jones, MD, CMG Board Member
Dani Madril, MD, CMG Board Member
Paul Settle, MD, CMG Board Member
David Truitte, MD, CMG Board Member
H. Lester Reed, MD, President, Centra Medical Group/Senior Vice-President, Centra
George Zippel, Vice Chairman, Centra Board
Andy Mueller, MD, President & CEO, Centra