Bounce Back Program

Bounce Back Program

Centra’s Bounce Back Program - Offering Relief for Acute Back Pain

Many of us have experienced back pain before however, when it begins to affect your ability to work, participate in leisure activities, and enjoy a high quality of life — it may be time to seek help from Centra’s Bounce Back Program.

The Bounce Back Program

This program is part of Centra’s initiative to improve the way acute low back pain is treated. Our physicians and physical therapists are helping to set the standard of care for the medical community.  We understand the significant clinical impact of acute low back pain and we strongly believe that we can always improve the way we evaluate and treat our patients. Specifically, this initiative enables our clinicians to track your progress — from start to finish — with a series of standardized outcome measures. These measures can then be analyzed to evaluate the true effectiveness of treatment.  The treatment provided is based on research and allows our physical therapists to utilize manual therapy interventions while, most importantly, improving the outcomes of our patients.

Manual Therapy for Back Pain

Manual therapy is a highly specialized treatment for acute low back pain. Evidence has shown that hands on therapy techniques are the optimal interventions for people with acute low back pain.

What is Manual Therapy?

Centra's Industrial Rehabilitation program is designed to help an employee to be able to return to an active and productive work, lifestyle environment. The program targets, enables, and engages people with physical, psychological, and psychosocial issues that may be inhibiting their ability to successfully return to work.  Manual therapy requires our therapists to have a detailed understanding of functional human anatomy and demonstrate competency in performing precise hands on techniques.  

Following a detailed evaluation of your symptoms and movement screen:

The therapist will target a specific region of the spine or pelvis with a series of graded, physical movements.  This is then followed by exercises focused to strengthen the back and upper body, improving overall stability.  You will then receive a detailed home exercise program as an adjunct to your clinic visit.  When performed properly, these techniques allow you to return to full physical function, often in as little as six visits. In many cases, you will feel symptom relief within hours of these interventions.

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