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Stroobants Cardiovascular Center Patient information

Patient Information

The physicians and staff at Stroobants Cardiovascular Center consider it a privilege to serve you, and we are interested in not just treating your medical condition, but in treating you as a person. Each patient is unique and we make it a priority to work with you and your family to improve your overall health. We look forward to partnering with you to provide the best cardiovascular care possible.

All of our physicians are board-certified in cardiovascular medicine, with many of them also specializing in specific cardiac diagnostics and treatments. For you, this means that we can provide you with a full-range of cardiovascular care.

Free Heart Health Assessment

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and is a major cause of disability.  Take action to reduce your level of risk.  This free cardiovascular risk assessment takes about 7 minutes to complete.  At the end, you will receive personalized, strictly confidential information.  Knowing your risk profile will enable you to take control of your health and provide you with an important defense against cardiovascular disease.  

Our services Include:

Adult Congenital Services Holter Monitors
Cardiac Catheterization Interventional Cardiology
Cardiac MR Microvolt T-Wave Alternans Testing
Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Pacemaker Services
Carotid Stenting Procedures Pediatric Services
CT Angiography Peripheral Vascular Intervention
Echocardiography Stress Echo
Electrophysiology Services Stress Testing
Event Recording Vascular Noninvasive Studies


In addition, in our Cardiothoracic Surgical Division, we have two cardiothoracic surgeons who have earned The Society of Thoracic Surgeons highest rating for quality in cardiac surgery.

Many of our services are offered in our outpatient facilities, while some, such as cardiac catheterization, are performed at both Centra Lynchburg General Hospital and Centra Southside Hospital. In fact, our cardiac physicians perform nearly 5,000 major cardiac procedures each year.

A vital part of your health is making sure that your primary care physician is informed about the care you are receiving here at Centra Medical Group Stroobants Cardiovascular Center. We maintain a relationship with your primary care physician by sending him or her reports about the cardiac care we provide to you. This relationship between physicians is important in coordinating your overall care, from your prescription medications to medical testing.

Your Visit

Appointments with The Stroobants Cardiovascular Center are available by calling our office at 434.200.5252. On the day of your appointment, please bring with you all of the medications you are currently taking. We also suggest you write down any questions you might have and share those with your provider.

Rescheduling/Canceling Appointments:

For any emergency, please dial 9-1-1

If you need to reschedule an appointment, please call 434.200.5252.

We always strive to ensure that you are seen in a timely manner. Oftentimes, unexpected emergencies and delays may occur. If at any time your wait is more than 30 minutes, please do not hesitate to notify the reception desk.

We are fortunate to have nurse practitioners and physicians assistants who are highly trained and licensed by the state of Virginia. These health care providers work very closely with our physicians. At times, depending on the reason for your visit, you may be scheduled with one of our midlevel providers. During these visits, physicians are always made aware of any significant changes in your health history.


For any emergency, please dial 9-1-1

A cardiologist is always on call for emergencies at 434.200.5252.
If possible, have a complete list of ALL your medications in front of you when you call with an emergency problem.
Please call your primary care physician for emergencies that are not related to your cardiac or vascular condition.
For routine questions, minor problems or refills of medications, please call the office during normal business hours.

Medication and Lab Work

Medications for the treatment of heart and blood vessel problems continue to improve dramatically. Medication regimens can rapidly become complex and at times, confusing. It is important for you, your primary doctor, and your cardiologist to always know exactly what medications you are taking, along with the exact dosage.

Bring all of the medications you are currently taking, in their original bottles. Also, providing a list with your name and the information below will be helpful:

- The prescription dates (when prescribed and expiration date)
- Any drug allergies
- The names of ALL your medications
- The frequency with which you are taking the medications (how many times per day)
- The exact dose of the medications you are taking (i.e. 40 mg of Furosemide twice a day)
- A list of over-the-counter medications you are taking (vitamins,  herbal supplements, Tylenol, etc)

A good way to keep an up-to-date list of medications is on a computer using programs such as Word or Excel. The list can be modified after your physician makes changes. You can always print and take an updated list with you to each of
your doctor visits. If you do not have access to or knowledge of computers, often a family member will. Otherwise, a written list is just fine, and we can make a photocopy at the time of your office visit.

We can also print a medication list for you when we see you in the office. We maintain a list of all of your medications in our computer system.

Prescription Refills

As a cardiac patient, it is important that you do not run out of your medication. If you do not have any refills left on your prescription, please call our office 434.200.5250 Extension 2667 to talk with our pharmacy technicians.

Lab Work

For a proper diagnosis of many conditions, we may need to draw blood. We perform this service in our office during regular business hours. We will provide you with specific instructions on how to prepare for the day this service is required (by fasting for example). An appointment is needed for the Coumadin (Warfarin) Clinic to have your protime checked. An appointment is usually not required for other blood work. Please let us know if we may release the results of your blood values and other tests to your spouse or anyone else you may choose. The best time to come by for blood work is usually between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Please understand that we have many patients and at times there will be a bit of a wait. We will always strive to make such delays as short as possible.