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Congenital Cardiology

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Congenital Cardiology

Stroobants Cardiovascular Center offers comprehensive care for children and adults born with heart disease (congenital heart disease).

Congenital heart disease is the most common birth defect with one person out of 120 born with a heart defect. Because of advances in medicine and surgery, over 90 percent of children born with heart defects live into adulthood and beyond.  Our team provides formal clinical care in three venues: fetal cardiology clinic, pediatric cardiology clinic, and adult congenital cardiology clinic.

Fetal Cardiology: The diagnosis of congenital heart disease is increasingly made before birth. Knowing the details of the condition before birth provide the opportunity for coordination of care and improved health outcomes for infants born with heart disease.

Pediatric congenital cardiology: After birth, infants are seen in follow up in our pediatric cardiology clinic. Comprehensive surgical and inpatient care is coordinated with regional academic institutions.

Adult congenital cardiology: A formal transition process to our adult congenital cardiology clinic is introduced in adolescence and occurs at age 18. A focus on knowing one’s individual history, understanding the interventions that have occurred, and understanding expectations for a lifetime of congenital heart disease are absolutely necessary. Adults who had surgical correction of congenital heart defects can live with the misconception that they were cured. Most people born with congenital cardiac defects need continual comprehensive cardiac care.

Services Offered:

- Cardiac MRI
- Multi-Slice Cardiac CT
- High Risk Obstetrics/Perinatology
- Contraceptive Counseling
- Genetic Counseling
- Cardiac Rehabilitation Service
- Financial/Medical Insurance Counseling
- Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) in ACHD is evaluated, as well as medically managed in collaboration with our pulmonary hypertension specialists

Clinical Trials:

- Our program participates in clinical trials that further the knowledge of congenital heart disease.
- Adult Congenital Heart Disease Quality Enhancement Research Initiative, ACHD QUERI
Eisenmenger Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI)

National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative (NPC-QIC)

Stroobants Cardiovascular Center is proud to participate in the National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative (NPC-QIC), the mission of which is to dramatically improve clinical outcomes for children with congenital heart disease. Our pediatric and fetal cardiologists enroll applicable patients—those with single ventricles and shunt dependency—into a national quality improvement registry. About fifty centers around the country collaborate to identify and share optimal practices.