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Medical Stabilization Unit

Centra's Medical Stabilization Unit at Virginia Baptist Hospital offers medically supervised stabilization from alcohol and drugs.  We offer medication to relieve the pain of withdrawal while medically supervising the process.

Our mission is to assist our patients in engaging in effective substance use disorder treatment. The unit is designed for rapid (2-4 day) treatment during which patients undergo medically supervised withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, along with medical  stabilization. Treatment is conducted with the clear goal of engaging our patients in effective treatment after discharge.


During your stay

During your stay
During your stay

Items to Bring to Medical Stabilization (3 days)

  • Comfortable clothes for approximately 3 days
  • Any medications you are taking (these will be locked up at time of admission and returned to you at discharge)
  • Toiletries (Do NOT need to bring towels)
  • Phone, Computer, IPad                    
  • E-Cigarette or Dip (Hospital can provide gum, patch, or Nicotrol) NO VAPES!
  • Books or magazines
  • Bring C-Pap machine if you have one

Do not bring -the following will be locked up at admission and given back at discharge

  • Cigarettes
  • Knives
  • Over the counter medicines
  • Mouthwash
  • Needles (unless Diabetic)



Please call  434.200.4455.  Afterhours, leave message and we will return your call the next day.

Thank you for referring to Centra.

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