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The Rivermont School Chase City provides a therapeutic educational program for students, ages 5-22, with special needs including autism who have difficulty learning in a traditional school setting. Rivermont’s mission is to help students learn to manage their behaviors so they can return to their home schools, graduate and become productive citizens. 

Rivermont’s professional staff includes certified special education teachers, mental health counselors, licensed professional counselors, school administrators and board certified behavior analysts. Our skilled and experienced team teaches students to rely upon their personal strengths in order to solve problems, make better choices and achieve both short and long term success.

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Contact Information

Contact Information
Contact Information

Kathy Tuthill , Principal
633 North Main Street, Chase City, VA  23924
Fax: 434.372.3199
Email: kathy.tuthill@centrahealth.com

Rivermont Autism Program

Rivermont Autism Program
Rivermont Autism Program

The Rivermont Autism Program  provides academic and behavioral services for students in grades K-12.  The Rivermont Autism Program focuses on family-centered, evidence based treatments with a foundation in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavior. 

Individualized programs provide:

  • Academics
  • Behavior management
  • Communication
  • Social skills
  • Generalization of acquired skills
  • Preparation for return to least restrictive environment
  • Preparation for adult transition including activities of daily living and vocational skills

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Referrals & Application

Referrals & Application
Referrals & Application

Students are referred to Centra Rivermont Schools through public school systems' special education departments in conjunction with Community Policy and Management Teams (CPMT) and Family Assessment and Planning Teams (FAPT). 

►Centra Rivermont School School Application and Referral Packet

 - For your convenience, we have an online application, please click here for the online application

 - If you would prefer to download the application and return it to us, please note the instructions below:

1. download an application

2. return materials using one of the following methods:

  • Email to Kathy Tuthill, Principal, kathy.tuthill@centrahealth.com

  • Mail to Kathy Tuthill, Principal, 633 North Main Street, Chase City, VA  23924

  • Fax to 434.372.3199

Elementary School Music Program

One high school student not able to stay on task and maintain positive behavior.  I had been in charge of the music program for the elementary class at Chase City since April 2016, and I knew he played guitar.  So, one day I asked if he could assist me with the elementary school music class. 

The change in the student’s mood, facial expression and body language assistant was immediate. My guitars fascinated him. He showed the younger students how to hold a pick, number the strings, and to do a simple strum pattern. I asked him if he knew wanted to play a song.  His hand trembled noticeably as he placed them on the fret board, but when he began to play those hands were graceful and smooth. His body language became so calm--the song was no doubt one of his favorites. He finished and thanked me for the opportunity.  I knew then that I had found common ground with the student and a good coping device for him.

Unbeknownst to me, some middle school students were listening and asked if they could watch him play.  They were captivated.  From that day on, different students would ask to join the elementary classroom’s music class.  We now are starting a music program for all students interested in guitar. And that high school student is still helping me with the music class. 

Marvin Harris
Counselor, Elementary Classroom
Chase City Rivermont

What Rivermont Chase City is Known For

I started my journey with Chase City Rivermont this past summer.  The one thing that truly stands out is the staff’s and student’s pride for our basketball team.  Our team is talked about daily here in Chase City, students aspire to be one of the players on our team.  Practices begin in the fall and the students work hard in order to be able to participate in these practices.  Basketball is a strong motivator for our students, it is working to help reduce problematic behavior in the classrooms.  Our middle school counselor – Sean Gayles, head up the tournament and is our team coach.  I am proud to be a CHASE CITY BULLDOG!!!

2015 – 2016 High School Success Story

Student “X” first started attending Rivermont School – Chase City in August 2006 when he was in 3rd grade.  Throughout the next several years, he was in and out of our program.  He attempted to transition back to public school a couple of different times, but was unsuccessful.  He also went to residential and was hospitalized.  His senior year (2015-2016), the LEA contacted us again and told us that he only needed two classes to graduate and really had no other options, would we please give him another chance.  We allowed student “X” to return for those two classes and he passed the two classes, as well as his VSEP Math, and graduated with his Modified Diploma on May 27, 2016!

Middle School Story

We love how our students have so quickly made the the Pledge of Allegiance and our classroom Mantra an important part of the day.  They are enthusiastic about both of these and remind us if we forget or are a little out of order.  The students all willingly stand proudly and pledge the flag.  How quickly the new students memorized the mantra and the old students remembered it warms our hearts.  The Middle school students have made us very proud!

Cheryl McGarvey
Special Education Teacher
Rivermont- Chase City