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Community Health Initiative Fund

Next grant cycle applications are due March 1.  

The Community Initiative Fund is a specific purpose fund established and funded by Centra and administered by the Centra Foundation. This fund supports community health-related projects and programs on a pro-active basis.

Most grant awards fall in the range of $10,000 to $30,000. All requests for grant funds for a specific project or program from the Centra Community Health Initiative Fund should be sent to Beth Doyle, Executive Vice President, Centra Foundation, 1920 Atherholt Road, Lynchburg, VA 24501.

Grant proposals submitted for funding from the Centra Community Health Initiative Fund will be received by the Centra Foundation to be reviewed by its grants committee. To receive consideration, proposals should be submitted by March 1. Please visit the links below for information required for all proposals. Each proposal must include 22 copies of a completed Executive Summary Form.

To evaluate the health care needs in our community, the Centra Board and the Centra Foundation sponsor a community health assessment every few years. Priority will be given to how the project's established goals and objectives relate to community health problems and issues as outlined by Centra's Community Assessment.

Click here for the Funding Goals and Application Guidelines

Click here for the Executive Summary Form and Summary of Program Outcomes Report

Click here to access Centra's Community Health Needs Assessment

For more information guidelines and restrictions, contact:

Beth Doyle
Executive Vice President

The Centra Foundation has made a wide range of contributions toward the health care needs of our region. Through your help, the Foundation has sponsored medical screenings, offered health education programs on a variety of topics, funded indigent care and helped needy students pursue nursing careers.