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Your gifts provide scholarship assistance to Centra College of Nursing Students and continuing medical education support for Centra providers. In 2018, 75% of Centra College of Nursing graduates went on to provide care within a Centra facility immediately after graduation. 

“I truly appreciate your support and it has had such an impact on me.”

When Kris Suptela moved to Lynchburg, he had never considered becoming a nurse.  However, when he learned about Centra’s College of Nursing (CCON), Kris was intrigued by the small class sizes, on-site experience, and the two-year Associate Degree in Nursing program.

Knowing he would not be able to afford nursing school on his own, Kris applied for scholarships through Centra’s College of Nursing.  During his time in the program, Kris received three distinct scholarship awards, relieving him of his financial burden and allowing him to fully immerse himself in the CCON experience.

Kris had a transformative experience as a CCON student and is thankful he was able to explore different areas of the medical field to find his best fit.  While a student, he began working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) with Centra’s oncology department.  It was through these experiences that Kris realized he wanted to continue his work in oncology, to “be there for patients not only for their medical care, but for the care of their loved ones as well.”  Today, Kris is grateful to continue his work in oncology at Centra as a Registered Nurse.

Kris’ nursing education would not have been possible without scholarship support.  Speaking to donors, Kris says, “I truly appreciate your support and it has had such an impact on me.  Without your support I would not have finished the program, furthered my career, or be where I am today.  Nursing is so amazing, I am so glad I decided to go in this direction.  This would not be possible without you.  Thank you.”

Kris Stuptela Photo

Kris Suptela, Centra College of Nursing Class of 2019
Alan B. Pearson Nursing Education Scholarship, Stella M. & Hubert T. Thornhill Memorial Scholarship, and Centra College of Nursing Scholarship recipient