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Centra is proud to have two hospitals within the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, an alliance of premier children’s hospitals throughout the United States and Canada.  Centra Lynchburg General Hospital houses a state-of-the-art, child-friendly, eleven-bed Pediatric Center and a specialized Pediatric Pod in the Emergency Department. 

Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital has a Level III Neonatal Nursery, making it a referral center for the region. Your gifts toward pediatric care help ensure that local children have the specialized care they need and deserve.

Scarlett’s Story
Scarlett on a swing

Scarlett was born at 26 weeks, weighing 1 lb. 5oz. She didn’t make a sound until intubated and her family couldn’t even hold her for the first week. Her parents were told Scarlett might not survive. She was a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit patient for twelve weeks at Virginia Baptist Hospital and the UVA Medical Center. Scarlett was treated for serious respiratory and eye problems, among other things. Now five, she is happy and active. Her recovery amazed her family and her doctors. The Rowlands live in Gladys, Virginia and say Scarlett is truly a miracle!

Sawyer’s Story
Sawyer in a chair

Eight-year-old Sawyer came to the Lynchburg General Emergency Room last April with what her parents thought was a severe stomach bug.  She in fact had a ruptured appendix, which was quickly addressed with emergency surgery, followed by a one-week stay in the pediatric wing where she received IV antibiotics.  At her two-week post-op check-up, she was readmitted for another week-long stay in the pediatric wing for more IV antibiotics.  Today, Sawyer is a fourth grader at Appomattox Elementary School and is doing well.  She is very glad to have put this chapter behind her.

Gifts to pediatric care support the renovation and expansion of the Pediatric Specialty Center

Join the dedicated efforts of our Children’s Miracle Network Hospital fundraising teams in renovating and expanding the Pediatric Specialty Center at Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital.  The center houses five pediatric service lines: genetics, pulmonary, allergy, neurodevelopmental and lactation, with a goal to add pediatric neurology, endocrinology and surgery services in the future.  Your support will provide new furniture, upgrades for a more modern, kid-friendly appearance, and an expansion of the physical space to support the growing number of services.

Pediatric Care Lobby Rendering
Pediatric Care Entrance Rendering
Look what your past gifts have done for pediatric care at Centra:
  • Built and completely equipped a new Pediatric Center at Lynchburg General Hospital
  • Built and equipped a Pediatric Pod in the Emergency Department of Lynchburg General to provide a separate, child-friendly treatment area
  • Provided two neonatal/pediatric ambulances for transport to Virginia Baptist and Lynchburg General Hospitals
  • Provided equipment for Centra One to airlift premature infants and babies under six months to the hospital
  • Created the Center for Childbirth and Family Education at Virginia Baptist, which promotes good prenatal care by providing education and support for mothers before and after delivery
  • Built a baby-friendly nursery in the mother-baby unit at Virginia Baptist, allowing moms and babies to stay together
  • Provided necessary medical equipment for the NICU
  • Created a pod in the NICU to treat babies born dependent upon opioids and other substances
  • Built Neo One, a fully customized ambulance vehicle outfitted with the advanced technologies of a NICU and the medical staff crucial for treating our tiniest and youngest patients

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