If pain is interrupting your life, call 434.200.3630
If pain is interrupting your life, call 434.200.3630
If pain is interrupting your life, call 434.200.3630

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Free to you Headache Diary

By texting DIARY to 434.509.4192  you can register to receive a daily text to track your headaches. The daily text will prompt you to answer questions about your headaches that will create a personalized headache diary. This gives your provider insight to provide you with the best treatment options, customized to your needs.

Centra’s Headache Center is committed to investigate causes and therapies and to provide individualized interventions that will improve quality of life for our patients with headaches.  

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Taking Headaches Seriously

Headaches may cause substantial discomfort and may severely affect an individual’s ability to perform at work or school, enjoy family/social events, or limit the ability to perform normal daily activities.  

Our team of experts collaborates to diagnose and provide personalized pain management for various headache types such as migraines, tension, neck related (cervicogenic), cluster and those caused by underlying medical conditions that may require prompt diagnosis and treatment. 

Our team consists of a board certified neurologist and headache specialist, specialty trained advanced practice providers, and physical therapists who are dedicated to identifying a personalized plan of care that will manage your headaches and improve the quality of your life! The Headache Center offers comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment options including nerve block injections, Botox injections and referral to physical therapy for headaches caused by neck problems and muscular disorders.

Don’t let headache or neck pain interrupt your life, call 434.200.3630.

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