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Friends, family, jobs, extracurricular activities... your life is full and demands a lot of you. You live out your passions and put your heart into everything you do. And, when it comes to your heart, knowledge is not just a superpower, it is life. Knowing your risks and choosing a healthy lifestyle are crucial to being your own heart hero

Brush up on your superpower skills and learn more about your heart with our FREE personalized health assessment! Our quick and easy assessment offers a free clinical follow up if needed, and our additional programs provide access to healthy eating classes and methods to improve fitness.

Please don't wait until it's too late to know your risks! Start your health journey, and be a heart hero today!

Start By Learning Your Risk

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Be Your Own Heart Hero
Be Your Own Heart Hero

When it comes to your heart, knowledge is not just your super power, it is life. 

Knowing your risks and choosing a healthy lifestyle are key. If you have the will to be your own heart hero, we have the way!

This free resource allows you to take a heart disease risk assessment online or by texting HEART to 434.264.7931 to evaluate your personal risk for heart disease. You are also welcome to schedule a free clinical follow up with the HeartAware nurse navigator who can direct you to helpful resources to develop and achieve your health goals.

HeartAware Health Risk Assessment

Meet Our Featured Heart Hero
Meet Our Featured Heart Hero

Meet our featured heart heroes, Fatima and Greg, who are neighbors and now friends because of one life-changing moment. 


Be a Heart Hero for others

You have the ability to save a life, just like Fatima. Look into local CPR certifications so you can be ready at a moment's notice. You never know when you might be in a situation to be a heart hero.

Be a Heart Hero for yourself!

Greg was shocked to learn he had suffered a heart attack. Knowing your risk for health disease or heart attack can help you take preventative steps ahead of time to do your best to avoid a situation like Greg's.

Take our HeartAware Health Risk Assessment

Hear From Our Heart Experts
Hear From Our Heart Experts

Interested in learning more about heart health from those who really know what their talking about?

  • Read about the impact that nutrition and weight have on heart health as explained by our medical bariatrician Dr. Jones.
  • Learn some new heart healthy recipes from our head chef, Chef Tim.
  • Check back for more heart healthy tips from our providers!
How To Be A Heart Hero
How To Be A Heart Hero

Prevention and Wellness Programs

Start caring for your heart now through prevention and wellness classes focused on keeping your heart well. 

N.E.W. Program - Eat More, Weigh Less

N.E.W. stands for nutrition, eating, and weight management which you learn about in this 8 week class based on the volumetrics eating plan.  Click here for contact information on  fees, dates, times, and locations. To register please call 434.841.2904.

Healthy Steps

Healthy Steps is personalized structured exercise program aimed at preventing chronic disease and reduce health risks. This fitness program is developed by a registered nurse and/or exercise physiologist. Healthy Steps is designed to meet individual needs, including:

Obesity/weight management
Vascular disease (PAD/Stroke)
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Pre-diabetes, diabetes
Metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance

Smoking Cessation - Be Tobacco Free!

This class is a free one hour long program for people interested in considering or pursuing a tobacco free life.  It's not just tobacco anymore; juuling, e-cigs, and vaping are on the rise and this class can help you break those habits as well by providing education on cessation techniques that can be used to kick the habit for good!  




The best fight against breast cancer is early detection. If you are a woman over 40, be proactive in your breast health by scheduling and annual or biannual mammogram. We offer 3D mammography at our Lynchburg and Bedford locations, as well as 2D mammography in Farmville and Gretna. Schedule your mammography at the button above. 

Lung Cancer Screening

Centra also offers screenings for lung cancer for those with a history of smoking, exposure to smoke or toxins, or a family history of lung cancer.