"I never once felt like just a patient, but rather a friend" - Heather

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Heather's Testimonial

What was difficult, painful, or frustrating about your life before weight loss?

Many others experience the same pain and frustration as I did, but at times I felt I was truly the only one in the world experiencing the negative side effects of all the extra weight. Being overweight, which escalated to morbidly obese and playing the yo-yo diet lifestyle since preteen finally was taking a toll on my body both physically and emotionally.  I knew I had no other choice, but surgery. The simple things such as walking any distance, being extremely overheated ALL the time (sweating continuously), and tie shoes was so hard!  The pain my joints felt from the extra weight was non-stop no matter if physically moving or simply resting.  The most frustrating part for me looking back is the experiences and missed opportunities with my family that I will not be able to get back, but now we are able to make new memories with new adventures.  Also, the stereotype that people have that you should just eat less, exercise more and magically you lose weight, was one of the most frustrating and maddening things I experienced both from society and some in the medical field. 

Why did you choose Centra Weight Loss Services for your bariatric care?

I spent 5 years researching surgeons and different surgery options across East Coast.  My biggest roadblock I was faced with my health insurance did not cover WLS, so my options were very limited.  That all changed Fall 2016, our insurance was to start covering bariatric procedures in 2017, I knew it was meant to be! After all my research I knew without a doubt I was meant to see Dr. Alley.  But, the deciding factor was the first call I made to the office and Tia made me feel so comfortable as if we had known each other forever. 

What is something you’re most excited about or most proud of after losing weight?

Wow…one or two things, there are so many!  But the thing I feel I have accomplished more than anything is showing my daughters you can do anything you put your mind to! 

Second thing is my overall feeling…as I have said to many, unless you have been extremely morbidly obese you have no way to know how it feels.  Now I feel awake, energized and ready to conquer all the new things I was never able to do being obese.  

Another amazing feeling is being able to share my experience with others and to hear someone tell me that they look to me as encouragement, never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that!

Can you describe your comfort with the quality of care and the people caring for you, before, during, and after your surgery?

AMAZING!  There are not enough positive things I can say about my entire experience with the entire staff at CENTRA Weight Loss office!  I never once felt like just a patient, but rather a friend.  Even the waiting room was always a pleasure, sharing stories and where in our journeys we were and seeing each other during the changes.  Again…AMAZING!

What is one thing you would share with someone who is thinking about weight loss surgery? 

Have a strong support system!!!!It does not have to be in the medical field, although being able to ask the needed questions and even the silliest to us, are very important.But, knowing I had support from all my family before, during and on-going (could not have done it without them) friends, and the bariatric community.But, also knowing at anytime I had the amazing staff at Centra Weight Loss I could reach out to was amazing.So, yes, the one thing I cannot stress enough is a support system.

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