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Internships/Externships, Medical School and Clinical Rotations

Centra welcomes students who are seeking internship or externship experiences for high school, college or graduate school credit as well as those wishing to complete requirements for their medical school or other clinical rotations. Availability of opportunities is limited. Final approval of your placement will be granted from your preceptor and their department.

Prior to seeking placement, read the instructions below.


  • School affiliation is required prior to starting an internship/externship, Medical School or clinical rotation. The school and student must agree to follow all requirements outlined in the affiliation contract.
  • Student(s) must be enrolled in program of study to apply.
  • Centra does not offer internship opportunities for work experience. 


  • Placement in the requested department/profession is not guaranteed.
  • Interview is required with some departments and preceptors prior to placement.
  • Health Appointment, Human Resources, Security, and On-line Orientation requirements must be fully completed prior to beginning the rotation or internship/externship. Failure to do so will result in practicum being terminated until requirements are completed.
  • Internship/Externship or rotation placement may be terminated or changed at any time due to unsatisfactory performance, failure to comply with rules and policies or at the request of the department or preceptor. Centra has no obligation to place you elsewhere if you are terminated from your placement.

What you will need to provide Centra once you are placed

  • Current resume
  • Copy of your immunization record from your doctor
  • Proof of Negative TB Skin test from the past 6 months
  • Proof of current Flu Vaccine if any part of your internship will occur Dec 1- April 30.
  • Availability for Health and Badge Appointments
  • Completed Centra Student Forms- to be emailed to you once placement is confirmed
    •  2 page Demographic Form
    • Signed Confidentiality Agreement
    • Signed Rules and Policies
    • Department Orientation Checklist
    • If you need computer access, additional forms will be needed.

To Find Availability of Placements, Please Contact:

Lisa Stewart
Internship/School Program Coordinator
Phone: 434-200-6511
Fax: 434-200-4056