"Remember that you need to do this for yourself, more than anything" - James

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James' Testimonial

What was difficult, painful, or frustrating about your life before weight loss?

Everything in my life was getting harder to accomplish. From my everyday routines like getting dressed was difficult. I had sleep apnea and it was getting hard to get the rest my body needed. I coach sports and it was hard to demonstrate to the kids what they needed to do.

Why did you choose Centra Weight Loss Services for your bariatric care?

I chose Centra Weight Loss because I had heard from a few friends that they had a great experience. After I did my research on Dr. Alley and went to the informational meeting I decided that Centra Weight Loss was a great choice.

What is something you’re most excited about or most proud of after losing weight?

I really enjoy being able to move around with the kids at practice, being able to get involved in the plays and not get winded so easily. On a medical note, I have completely gotten rid of the sleep apnea, my diabetic numbers are all back to normal.

Can you describe your comfort with the quality of care and the people caring for you, before, during, and after your surgery?

I really enjoyed the whole process. Everyone was kind and caring. I never felt ashamed of myself. They also provided the push I needed when my habits started slacking. They are always there for you if you need help with better options and they provide wonderful advice.

What is one thing you would share with someone who is thinking about weight loss surgery? 

We all have our own reasons for wanting the surgery but once you decide that you need an extra tool to fulfill your goals, Dr. Alley and the rest of the team are a wonderful resource to help you and prepare you for everything. It was the best decision I have made when it comes to my weight loss goals. Remember that you need to do this for yourself, more than anything.

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