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Lactation Support

The first step in your breastfeeding journey is to register for a Breastfeeding Class while you are pregnant.  Taught by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, this class helps you, the expectant mother, to understand and prepare for breastfeeding. Lactation educators will give you practical instruction on getting started, avoiding problems, and building confidence nursing your infant. We encourage your partner (or another family member) to attend with you.  To register, visit www.CentraHealthRegister.com.

Centra offers lactation support services 7 days a week, during regular business hours, through our Warm Line at 434.401.9344.  Be sure to leave a detailed voicemail, including your phone number, first and last name, and any of the questions you may have.

Once you have your baby, Lactation Consultants, trained to help with a variety of breastfeeding and other feeding issues, visit moms that need extra support while they are in the hospital.

Lactation Consultants are also available for one-on-one appointments after moms return home through our Lactation Clinic, by referral from a primary care physician.

In addition, Centra offers a breastfeeding support group, Baby Café, on Wednesdays from 10am-12pm.  Facilitated by a Lactation Consultant, Baby Café is designed to be a supportive environment for moms to come and spend time with other moms who are sharing some of the same experiences.  Lactation Consultants are available to answer simple questions and facilitate group discussions. One-on-one attention will be directed towards a scheduled appointment through our Lactation Clinic.

For more information, call 434.401.9344.