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‘We are family’: Caregivers come together to raise over $300,000

Published on Friday August 11, 2023
Caregivers all in for the win

When the Centra Family Campaign wrapped up six weeks of promotion in the spring, more than 900 Caregivers had come together to raise over $300,000 during the Centra Foundation’s 30th anniversary year, and 17 departments had reached 100% participation so far this year. Reasons for giving back were diverse, personal and moving.

Caregiver Caity Moreno knows what it means to give as well as to receive. 

“My decision to give is simple,” she said. “The Helping Hands Program helped me when I was at one of the lowest points of my life. I am forever grateful and want others to be able to experience the same. You never know when you are going to be in a position where you might need help.”

Since 2016, the program, administered by Spiritual Care and Education, has supported over 500 Caregivers facing an acute, unexpected need. Ten percent of employee gifts to the Greatest Need Fund support the program. 

Like Caity, Caregiver Kylie Privette was a recipient of Helping Hands. She has also personally experienced how employee giving supports patients, local families and nurses.

“As a Centra employee of 20 years, a Centra College graduate and recipient of Helping Hands during a difficult time, I give because of where the money goes,” she said, adding that she also gives and serves as a Centra Family Campaign Ambassador because of “the amazing care my daughter received in the Neonatal ICU after she was born.”

She shared that “it is a great feeling” knowing you are helping someone.

Other reasons Caregivers gave were to help community members in need receive services and to help their patients. 

Several Caregivers offered a succinct reason: “We are family.”

Development program manager Heather Cassada shared her heartfelt gratitude. “We are so grateful for each person who has already made a gift this year and for our incredible team of Ambassadors,” she said. “The campaign, which accepts gifts year-round, is a wonderful way to provide care in another way and show support for patients and colleagues.”

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