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Observer and Shadowing Experiences

Centra welcomes students who are seeking an opportunity to observe in a department or shadow an individual clinician or physician at Centra. Due to the nature of health care and the number of clinical rotations that Centra hosts throughout the organization, these opportunities are limited, so please review the eligibility and placement information below.  Opportunities for shadowing physicians is very restricted, as these opportunities can impact patient care over time. Most opportunities are restricted to 12 hours or less or the equivalent of two shifts.

Prior to seeking placement for a shadowing or observation opportunity, read the instructions below.


  • Individual must be age 16 or older (Operating Room, Emergency Department and some physician offices, minimum age is 18).
  • Must complete all Centra requirements for Health Appointment, Human Resources, Security and Online Orientation as applicable.
  • May be a high school student (some restrictions), college student, medical student, pre-employment hire, someone considering a career change, or physician.
  • Not a requirement for school credit, but may need observational hours towards an application for a health care or medical course of study such as Medical School, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, etc.


  • Placement in the requested department/profession is not guaranteed. Availability is limited.
  • Prior to the experience the individual or Centra Office of Medical Education and Student Affairs must seek approval of the department and/or the individual that the student seeks to shadow.
  • Health Appointment, Human Resources, Security, and On-line Orientation requirements must be fully completed prior to beginning the experience and clearance must be granted through Workforce Development. Failure to do so will result in observation being terminated.
  • Observation or shadowing experience placement may be terminated or changed at any time due to inappropriate behavior, failure to comply with rules and policies or at the request of the department or individual.

What you will need to provide Centra prior to shadowing

  • Copy of your immunization record from your doctor
  • Proof of Negative TB Skin test from the past 6 months
  • Proof of current Flu Vaccine if any part of your internship will occur Dec 1- March 31.
  • Signed Certificate of Health
  • Availability for Health Appointment
  • Completed Centra Student Forms- to be sent to you once placement is confirmed
    •  2 page Demographic Form
    • Signed Confidentiality Agreement
    • Signed Rules and Policies

To Find Availability of Placements for Shadowing or Observation and Instructions and Forms 

Lisa Stewart
Internship and School Program Coordinator
Office of Medical Education and Student Affairs
Phone: 434-200-6511