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Paul's Testimonial

What was difficult, painful, or frustrating about your life before weight loss?

I think the thing that was most frustrating was the roller-coaster weight loss ride I was on. I would go on a diet and lose some weight. After a few weeks, the weight loss would level off and frustrated with the lack of progress, I would stop the diet. The weight would come back on and typically I ended up worse than when I started.

Why did you choose Centra Weight Loss Services for your bariatric care?

I chose Centra Weight Loss Services after a lot of research about bariatric surgery options. Most places seemed like “in-and-out” shops that just perform the surgery and then forget about you. Centra Weight Loss Services in Lynchburg is a comprehensive program that is focused on training the patient, both pre- and post-surgery, to help ensure good results. There is a lot of interaction between the entire staff and fellow participants, and I found that to be extremely beneficial. I like how the staff always remembers me when they see me and seem genuinely interested in my well-being.

What is something you’re most excited about or most proud of after losing weight?

I have lost enough weight to fit back into some of my college-years’ clothes from 30 plus years ago. People whom I’ve known a long time look at me and say, “You look familiar – I think I know you!” I do find that I can participate in a lot more activities now, such as mountain trail hiking, jogging, and biking. Family time is much better now with all the new adventures we are trying.

Can you describe your comfort with the quality of care and the people caring for you, before, during, and after your surgery?

I would not have been able to do this without the support of my family, especially my wife who has worked with me through the extreme ups and downs. Everyone has been positive about my weight loss, helping me with diets and being sensitive to my changing eating and exercise habits. My kids like the new me, and my friends have been very encouraging.

I would also like to thank the extremely supportive, knowledgeable, and caring folks at Centra Weight Loss Services. It has almost been like having an extended family, and the education they have given me will ensure I maintain my results for the rest of my life.

What is the one thing you would share with someone who is just thinking about weight loss surgery for the first time?

I would recommend doing a lot of research about this program and sit in on multiple group sessions. I would also recommend going a bit further and doing a deep-dive with a willing post-op participant (or two) to get a true feel of what to expect, both good and bad. This is a tough program and requires a serious commitment to get good results. It is not for everyone, but only you can make that choice.