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Edmund Merife, MD

Resident Physician - Post Graduate Year 2

Contact Information: 
2323 Memorial Avenue, Suite 10 (Located in the lower level of the Plaza building)
Lynchburg, VA 24501
Phone: 434.200.5200
Fax: 434.200.1641

Hometown: Alexandria, Va

Medical School: St. George’s University

Languages Spoken: English, Igbo

Volunteer Activities: AMSA Health Fair, SGU (2016-2017). Performed health screening for blood pressure, vision, hearing, and glucose levels. Assisted with set-up and clean-up for the events

Hobbies: Weightlifting, Drawing, Reading, Fishkeeping, Automobiles

Career Goals: I would love to work in an outpatient clinic in a rural setting where primary care doctors are lacking and in need, so I can make an actual difference in a community. Somewhere in Virginia would be wonderful.

What do you love about Lynchburg? I love the low cost of living, the lack of congested traffic, and the great opportunities for outdoor activities.