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Regional EHR Program

Centra’s Regional Electronic Health Record Support Program

To decrease health care costs, reduce medical errors and improve overall health care for patients and providers in the
community, Centra is willing to partially subsidize the adoption of Allscripts and McKesson, Electronic Health Records
(EHR) by physicians in Centra’s service area.

  1.  Centra will sublicense the Allscripts Professional or McKesson HAC, EHR and provide certain health care IT services in connection with implementation, training, connectivity and ongoing help desk support.
  2.  Physicians will pay, in advance of go-live, 25% of Centra’s cost of the EHR Software and Services. (Hardware is a Physician responsibility)
  3. Centra will make available additional services, such as data storage which is related to the EHR Software and Services for prices consistent with fair market value.
  4. On receipt of ARRA stimulus funds for achieving meaningful use, (“Meaningful Use” as defined under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (“ARRA”)) physicians will agree to reimburse Centra one-half of the costs subsidized by Centra.

Important Notes:

  • Centra has acquired the right to sublicense EHR products from Allscripts (Professional) and McKesson (HAC).
  • This program is for physicians that do not already have an EHR in place and are members of Centra’s medical staff.
  • Consistent with the Health Referral Laws, all hardware must be purchased direct from vendors, without subsidy by Centra.
  • Program subsidization must satisfy the EHR’s exception to Stark law and meet the requirements of the EHR’s safe harbor to the anti-kickback statute (together, the “Healthcare Referral Laws”). Additionally, since Centra is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit hospital system, the arrangement must satisfy Internal Revenue

Service rules regarding this type of transaction (“IRS Rules”).

  • The agreement must not restrict Centra’s access to EHR data created by physicians and widespread adoption of EHRs.
  • The subsidy arrangement would sunset on December 31, 2013 unless the Healthcare Referral Laws are amended to extend the sunset date.

For more information contact:

Ben Clark, Vice President - 434.200.4899 or

AllScripts CIO Laurie Houk, Regional Sales Executive-  919.434.9867 or