Rivermont School - Lynchburg was the first Rivermont School, opening its doors in 1987.
Our staff is invested in the well-being of our students and ensuring that their social, emotional and academic needs are met.
Students work with the Red Cross and area food banks, instilling a sense of purpose and empathy as well as promoting an active role in our community.
Our high school students have also been training at Central Virginia Community College since 2015.
We pride ourselves in relationship building with students, families, our community, local agencies and area colleges such as Liberty University and Lynchburg College. — DARREN PFAFF, PRINCIPAL
Over the past year, we have experienced students successfully transitioning back into their home schools. It is fulfilling to see previous students visit us, sharing their stories of success and how Rivermont Lynchburg provided them with the tools they needed to be productive members of society. — TIFFANY HARRIS, Therapist

Rivermont School of the Month - January

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Rivermont School of the Month - January

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Rivermont School - Lynchburg was the first Rivermont School, opening its doors in 1987. We pride ourselves in relationship building with students, families, our community, local agencies and area colleges such as Liberty University and Lynchburg College. Our high school students have also been training at Central Virginia Community College since 2015. Students work with the Red Cross and area food banks, instilling a sense of purpose and empathy as well as promoting an active role in our community. Our staff is invested in the well-being of our students and ensuring that their social, emotional and academic needs are met.



What began 30 years ago as a child and adolescent service to provide an opportunity for schoolage children to continue with their education while hospitalized, has grown to constitute a Virginia licensed and internationally accredited school program serving approximately 630 children with disabilities who have been referred for placement by 60+ public school divisions. Centra Rivermont Schools was one of the first specialized education programs in Virginia to merge therapeutic behavioral health practices and special education as the foundation for each classroom professional team.  With 12 campuses throughout the Commonwealth, Rivermont Schools strive to help children overcome previous school failures by cultivating each person’s inner strength, intelligence, and talents, so when they leave Rivermont they are filled with the desire and confidence to live productively and find happiness, regardless of their life’s path. Milestones include being selected as one of four statewide winners of a $300,000 competitive grant to serve at-risk children, and whose proposals were reviewed by Virginia Department of Education personnel and university professors; organizing a state-wide professional conference titled “Virginia’s At-Risk Youth: Steering Toward Success”; consistently achieving “Top Tier” employee engagement scores and becoming Virginia’s largest private, nonprofit system of schools serving school-age children with disabilities. Rivermont Schools staff’s greatest joy is seeing once struggling children prosper in a school setting.

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