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Services and Coverage Area

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Services and Coverage Area

Services We Provide:

  • Dedicated, full-time medical director, physicians and nurse practitioners 
  • Regular visits by hospice nurses
  • 24/7 access on-call nurses when needed
  • Expert pain management and symptom control 
  • Coordinated care when traveling
  • Hospice aide services for personal care, such as dressing and bathing
  • Social work services
  • Hospice House provides residential, supportive care in a home-like environment.
  • Chaplain services
  • Grief counseling, calls, visits for up to one year, support groups 
  • Volunteer support to provide companionship to the patient and help for family members
  • Short-term inpatient and respite care
  • Delivery of medications, medical supplies and equipment
  • Medications for pain relief and symptom management 
  • Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech/language services
  • Medical supplies
  • Medical equipment, such as hospital beds and wheelchairs

Who pays for hospice?

Hospice is a benefit paid for through Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial insurances. Centra Hospice will help to determine coverage available and no one is turned away because of an inability to pay.  

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