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Diabetes Care

Centra's Diabetes program is designed to promote diabetes self-management. We provide diabetes education to patients, family members and caretakers, and we offer inpatient as well as outpatient education. All we ask is that patients provide a physician referral so we'll have information about their needs, and their medical providers will know the proper instructions.

Through our program, people recently diagnosed with diabetes learn survival skills including:

  • A basic intro to the disease process
  • Foot care
  • Eye and dental health
  • Meal planning and food label reading
  • Guidelines for sick day management
  • Medication information (oral or insulin)
  • Self-monitoring guidelines
  • Instructions on use of the glucose meter
  • Exercise to promote better control of the disease and improve well-being
  • Managing complications
  • Traveling skills
  • Intensive insulin management

Diabetes Assessment

The American Diabetes Association has declared a Diabetes Alert day every year on March 22.  This is a one day "wake-up call" asking the American Public to take the Diabetes Risk Test to find out if they are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. We would like to provide the assessment every day right here.  Diabetes is a serious progressive disease affecting 26 million Americans and 79 million have prediabetes, putting them at high risk of developing diabetes within a few years. Learn more about your risks by taking the test and making a commitment to engage in preventative behaviors such as weight loss, physical activity and healthy eating.  For more information, call 434.200.3187.

Diabetes Education

For those diabetes patients who are re-admitted, we offer diabetes management updates and cover specific issues. We encourage people with diabetes and their families to return for more education, or call our certified diabetes educators at Virginia Baptist Hospital 434.200.4115 or Lynchburg General Hospital at 434.200.3187.

Our Educators

Centra's diabetes educators provide lectures to community-based groups, churches, and other organizations. Our program has three full-time, certified diabetes educators available for part-time and ongoing continuation education for staff.


Diabetes Risk Assessment