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A hospitalist is a specially trained physician who only works in the hospital caring for admitted patients. A hospitalist may be consulted by your primary care physician or emergency room staff to help determine if your treatment requires admission to the hospital, and to help coordinate that care.

Our hospitalists work together as a team to provide communication and care for their patients. Their role is to work with the patient, their family, and the treating physicians and staff at the hospital. Because they work as a team that cares for patients 24 hours a day, you may meet several different doctors during an extended hospital stay – each of whom is committed to providing you and your family with the best care possible.

The hospitalist knows the hospital’s procedures and staff, how to quickly obtain test results, when to call in other specialists, and ways to coordinate care. Since a hospitalist team member is available 24 hours a day, they are able to respond quickly to a patient’s danger signs, and to determine the effectiveness of given treatments.

The hospitalist and hospital staff will coordinate with the patient and a designated family member regarding discharge and follow-up care; however, the hospitalist does not provide follow-up care once a patient is discharged. After discharge, patients should seek follow-up treatment from their primary care provider. After discharge from the hospital, all medication changes and refills will be ordered by the patient’s primary care provider.