Withdrawal doesn't have to be painful. We are here to help. Please call 434.200.4455
Virginia Baptist Hospital is one of the few facilities in Virginia to offer medication to relieve the pain of the withdrawal. Please call 434.200.4455
Clients who wish to receive further treatment may be referred to an inpatient or outpatient treatment program, such as Pathways Recovery Lodge. Click on image for more details.

Medical Stabilization

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Medical Stabilization

We offer inpatient medical stabilization service for adults with drug, alcohol, and health-related issues related to substance-use disorders.

This service is for adults who are currently using or are experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms from certain substances. It consists of a medically supervised stay at Virginia Baptist Hospital for inpatient stabilization that typically lasts three days. The inpatient stay includes:

  • Pre-screening & Assessment
  • Admission
  • Medical stabilization - 24 hour care
  • Appropriate discharge planning - clients who wish to receive further treatment may be referred to a residential or outpatient treatment program, such as Pathways Recovery Lodge.

We accept private pay, most insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare plans for Medical Stabilization.  Call us at 434.200.4455

Compassionate Care

Withdrawal can be painful--but it doesn't have to be.  We are one of the few inpatient facilities in Virginia to  offer medication to relieve the pain of the withdrawal while medically supervising the process.  

Anyone who suffers with substance abuse disorders may benefit from medical stabilization, but it’s especially important for people who have a history of using narcotic pain medications, sleeping pills, benzodiazepines or alcohol.

Referrals & Admissions

Referrals & Admissions
Referrals & Admissions

Admission to Medical Stabilization is voluntary. Patients can self-refer for treatment or can be referred by family, physician, employer, pastor, or friend. All referrals and inquiries about treatment are confidential.

To arrange an admission, call Pathways at 434.200.4455 or toll free at 866.749.4455.

Centra's Mental Health Services offers a full continuum of care for a range of psychiatric illnesses. We encourage you to learn about our levels of care with all our services by visiting our main web page.

Patient Assessment and Care

Patient Assessment and Care
Patient Assessment and Care

Upon admission to the Medical Stabilization Unit, an assessment is made of the patient’s fundamental needs. These assessments include a medical history, physical, a complete laboratory workup, and a nursing assessment.

Patients who are under the influence of chemical substances and are considered medically unstable will be closely observed and stabilized. The hospital accepts patients who are experiencing incapacitation from substance use and/or abuse, or are experiencing withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or drugs.

The diagnosis of need for inpatient admission can only be made by a licensed physician.