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Core Components

Our sustainability program is still in its infancy but we “strive to drive” on the following components:  on-site gardens, greenhouse, composting and managing food waste.

Living Green, One Meal at a Time

Centra Culinary Group created the Eco-Express program 4 years ago to help reduce the amount of foam take-out containers it was using.  A membership in the program allows the participant one clean and sanitized eco-tainer on each visit to one of our retail cafes.  The participants responsibility is to return it on their next visit.  Annual membership fee is $5 and auto-renews every June.  Please contact Janet Kramer at 200-4581 if you have any questions about memberships or cancellations.

Partner Organizations

Currently, Centra Culinary Group is working with the following organizations within the central Virginia region:

Lynchburg Area Food Council, Lynchburg Grows, Lynchburg Daily Bread