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Centra Rehabilitation Accepts Direct Access/Self Referral

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Centra Rehabilitation Accepts Direct Access/Self Referral

What is Direct Access?

Direct access is exactly what it sounds like: patients having direct access to physical therapy services. This means that you do not need a physician referral or prescription in order to receive the services of physical therapists.  Virginia's Direct Access law allows patients to have a choice. Direct Access (also called Self-Referral) means you can go directly to a physical therapist without being referred by a physician. Direct Access puts you in charge of your care and you get to choose the provider you like best.  Direct Access allows you to go as soon as you feel the need, so you can have relief more quickly without seeing your physician first.

It's Your Choice

Your physician may refer you to a specific physical therapy clinic, maybe even one in his or her own office, but you can still choose another facility or physical therapist.  The referral a physician provides you with  can be accepted at any physical therapy facility that you choose, depending on your insurance coverage.  Most insurance companies allow for Direct Access.  For more information call any of our locations, or request an appointment today!

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