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Functional Electric Stimulation

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Functional Electric Stimulation

Centra therapists are trained to administer treatments using the latest in FES (Functional Electric Stimulation) technology, including the Bioness L300, Bioness H200 and RT 300 cycle ergometer. [FES] The L300 & H200 have been researched to improve walking and grasp and release impairments in individuals with MS, CVA and other neurologic impairments. The RT 300 cycle is used to improve functional movement of the arms and legs after a stroke, brain injury or other neurological disorder such as multiple sclerosis. This bike is especially designed for patients with spinal cord injuries to improve circulation, prevent muscle atrophy and to decrease muscle spasms. For more information, please call 434.200.7600.

Bioness L300 - Foot Drop System 

Bioness H200 - Hand Paralysis

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