"Everyone should take advantage of RENEW, oncology rehab," B. Vicks, survivor

RENEW | A Program for Survivors

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RENEW | A Program for Survivors

At Centra we are committed to offering the best available survivorship services.  Whether you are newly diagnosed or long finished with treatment, you may benefit from RENEW. RENEW is open to everyone at any stage of cancer or phase of recovery. Cancer survivors may participate in rehabilitation to help manage the effects of cancer and treatment-related conditions. Newly diagnosed patients may want to increase their strength and endurance in order to prevent future medical problems. Years after cancer treatment has concluded, rehab interventions can help improve functioning and stamina.

Cancer  Survivorship

RENEW recognizes cancer survivorship as a distinct phase of cancer care. A key element of an excellent survivorship program is oncology rehab, which helps facilitate optimal physical and emotional recovery from cancer and its treatments. Lingering pain, profound  fatigue and deconditioning,  decreased range of joint  motion  due to surgery and radiation treatments as well as other lingering side effects can all be mitigated with interdisciplinary rehabilitation. Medical staff involved in RENEW include:  

  • Physicians
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapists
  • Social Workers
  • Lymphedema therapists
  • Registered dieticians
  • Wellness professionals

Focus on Function

How are you doing? What areas of your life have been impacted by your illness  or treatment? What is your quality oflife? We know that cancer and cancer treatment can impact the individual's ability to function. Historically, patients finishing cancer treatment have been left on their own to try to regain their previous level of functioning, often struggling with issues that they assumed would become a part of everyday life. Pain, fatigue, lack of energy, restricted motion and deconditioning are common complaints  which can impact the quality of life. Oncology rehabilitation addresses these issues to help cancer survivors maximize their ability to function and improve the overall quality of life.

Rehabilitation provides the opportunity for cancer survivors to integrate psychological and physical well-being with the acute oncological plan of care in hopes that patients will receive the maximum benefit from all interventions.

Wellness Phase

Continuing regular exercise training during and after cancer treatment is associated with many benefits. Wellness services designed specifically for cancer survivors are available on a private pay basis. Centra Rehabilitation offers a 6-week wellness program for RENEW graduates. This program is available at the Healthy Living Center located inside the Jamerson Family YMCA. Participants will be instructed in a program which will address their individual needs with the goal of optimizing health and   wellness. 

For additional information on the wellness program, schedule and fees, contact Centra Rehabilitation at the Jamerson Family YMCA at 434.237.8160.

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