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GYN Oncology

GYN Oncology Clinic

This clinic specializes in female cancer care of the reproductive organs. Here you will meet with physicians who are experts in cancer surgery, diagnosis and treatment. We have two physicians that are GYN Oncologists from the University of Virginia Health Care System three times monthly for clinics.

Dr. Leigh Cantrell and Dr. Linda Duska specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the female reproductive organs such as ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, vulvar cancer and cervical cancer.

In the clinic, we perform female gynecologic exams, biopsies, coloposcopy exams, Pap test, blood test, and can send you for imaging, if necessary. You will meet with the physician for a comprehensive discussion on the right plan of care for your diagnosis. You will continue to be evaluated by these expert physicians for five years following your diagnosis. Our physicians also assist your regular gynecologist in the operating room if a surgical treatment plan is deemed necessary.

The clinic is held every first and third Tuesday of the month and the second Monday of the month. We are a physician referral only clinic (no self referrals).

We are located at Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital; second floor Carter building across from the Physical Therapy Department.