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Internal Traveler Program

Centra Internal Traveler Team (CITT)
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Our approach 

The purpose of the Centra Internal Traveler Team (CITT) is to supply our Emergency, Critical, Intermediate, and Acute Care departments (includes Medical-Surgical, Women’s & Children, Behavioral Health, and Acute Rehab) with experienced Centra supplemental staff.


Criteria for consideration are as follows:

  • Licensed registered nurse, in good standing, by Virginia or Compact State
  • 2 years of registered nurse experience in the are of application
    • Emergency Department
    • Critical Care
    • Intermediate Care
    • Acute Care
    • Behavioral Health
    • Women & Children's Services
  • Willing to be trained within 6 months of hire for cross-division competencies and charge nurse role
  • meet all employment criteria prior to start date, including pre-employment screening and job requirements
  • Able/available to work 48 hours per week
  • Day and night shift assignments will have a reasonable recovery of at least 48 hours between day and night shift assignments

There are two divisions within the CITT Team: Systems and Regional.

System Team

  • Will require floating between all four hospitals/Gretna ED 
    • Lynchburg General Hospital
    • Virginia Baptist Hospital
    • Bedford Memorial Hospital
    • Centra Southside Community Hospital
    • Gretna ED

Regional Team

  • Will require floating between three regions. Region choices are as follows: 
    • Region 1: Lynchburg General Hospital, Virginia Baptist Hospital, Bedford Memorial Hospital 
    • Region 2: Lynchburg General Hospital, Virginia Baptist Hospital, Gretna ED
    • Region 3: Lynchburg General Hospital, Virginia Baptist Hospital, Centra Southside Community Hospital