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Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships and Grants

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Scholarships and Grants are types of gift aid that typically do not need to be repaid. Centra College encourages students to apply for scholarships and grants prior to borrowing student loans.

Scholarship awards and criteria vary based on the unique guidelines for each scholarship. Because scholarships are often competitive, students are encouraged to search and apply for scholarships as early as possible.

Pell Grant 

The Federal Pell Grant is awarded to eligible students who complete the FAFSA and demonstrate financial need. More information about the Pell Grant can be found on  

Centra Foundation Scholarship

Through the generous gifts of multiple donors, the Centra Foundation offers scholarship funding to eligible PN, ADN, and RN-BSN students. Applicants must have successfully completed all first semester courses in their current program and enroll in at least one course for the awarding semester (a consortium agreement is needed for co-requisite courses). The application is required for first time eligible applicants for their current program and only one application is needed per program once approved. The Centra Foundation Scholarship Application is made available on Moodle to current students prior to the start of each semester.

Outside scholarships 

Outside Scholarships are awarded by organizations or institutions outside of Centra College. Students are encouraged to review each scholarship opportunity carefully and notify the Financial Aid Office if approved for a scholarship. When searching for scholarships, please keep in mind that scholarship applications should be free and services that charge either to search for scholarships or to submit applications may be scams. Please see below for a list of approved scholarship resources.Nursing scholarship resources:

Basic eligibility requirements and other factors may affect eligibility (e.g., changes in enrollment, over-awards, etc.). 

If a scholarship organization requests a transcript, a transcript request form will need to be completed. If you have questions about transcripts, please email