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Medical Records

Our patients medical records are documents containing personal medical information, including notes added by healthcare professionals and historical documentation of care.
Medical Records

Our approach

You can access and/or request your medical records from Centra Health in the following ways:

Access your medical records

Request a copy of your medical records
Online Patient Record Request tool

Download and mail authorization form
Mail authorization form to Health Information Team


Request medical records through the Online Patient Record Request tool

You can request copies of your medical records to be delivered to you, sent to someone else (such as a doctor for continued care), parent of minor patients requesting on child's behalf, or Caregivers acting on behalf of a patient (i.e. Power of Attorney)

Have your driver's license or government-issued ID available, as you'll need to upload a photo of it using a webcam, smartphone or by file upload from your computer.

Please note that State and Federal laws permit fees to be charged for copies of medical records that are not for continuation of care.

Access medical records through HealthyU

HealthyU is Centra's portal that allows patients to safely stay connected with their healthcare team and access their medical information online anytime.

How to register for HealthyU

  • Your email must be in the system to register
  • Each account must have a different email
  • You must be 18 or older to have a HealthyU account
  • Proxy accounts are available

Self enrollment

Please click on Register to set up your new account. Follow prompts to create an account. You will receive a verification code in your email. Enter the code from the email to confirm your identity. Once you are registered you can access your records 24/7.


Invitation enrollment

Please provide your email at your Centra visit and request an invitation. When you receive the emailed invitation please complete the following steps to register:

  • Accept the email invitation (invitations will remain valid for 90 days).
  • Enter date of birth and answer a challenge question (we utilize your zip code).
  • Enter zip code and navigate to the following page where you will create your username, password, etc. 

What you can see

Once you are logged into the HealthyU patient portal you can complete the following actions:

  • View visit summaries and lab results
  • Request and change appointments
  • Send messages to your care team
  • Access educational information about upcoming procedures
  • Connect to a site where you can pay your bill

If you receive a disqualification or error message when registering, please contact

Contact HealthyU Support

Proxy accounts

Proxy for adults with competency - Proxy account details 
A Proxy Account must be requested by the patient that would like to ask someone to have access to and/or help manage their medical records and care.

Proxy for adults requiring guardianship - Proxy account details 
A Guardianship Proxy Account for an adult that is not able to manage their health care. It can be set up by a legal guardian. Documentation is required.

Proxy accounts for minors - Proxy account details 
HealthyU accounts can be established by parents and court-appointed legal guardians for minors from birth to 14 years old. Access to the child's account will expire when the child turns 14 years old.

Proxy accounts for Adolescents - Proxy accounts for adolescents between the ages of 14 - 18 are not yet available in HealthyU.

HealthyU help sheet


HealtheLife App

You can also download the HealtheLife App to view your health records on your mobile device.

Mail authorization form to Health Information Team

You can download and print the medical records authorization form to FAX or mail to the Health Information Team. Please provide your full name, date of birth specific records need and how you want the records delivered to you. Please provide your current email address.

FAX forms to: 434.200.6064

Mail forms to:
Centra Health, Health Information Management
2010 Atherholt Rd
Lynchburg, Va 24501