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Addiction and Recovery | Pathways

We provide comprehensive support for individuals who want to reduce chemical dependency and regain control of their lives.
A group of adults take comfort in each other as they meet in therapy.

Our approach to care

We provide evidence-based, compassionate care for persons with substance use disorders and related problems. Our clinical programs bring together the best available assessment tools and treatments, ranging from psychotherapy to medication.

Substance use disorders are thought to be caused by an interplay of biological, social and developmental factors, as well as psychological characteristics. Recovery often requires first dealing with the substance use and then addressing possible underlying issues. Successful recovery requires sustained attention to the biological, psychological and social contributors to addiction.

Our experts in addiction and recovery have an emphasis on the following:

  • Evaluation and consultation
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Individual, group and substance-use therapy based on your unique treatment needs to optimize outcomes

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Addiction and Recovery | CMG Addiction Treatment Services

We provide comprehensive support for individuals who want to reduce chemical dependency and regain control of their lives.

Where you can find us

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Photo of Pathways Residential Treatment Center

Pathways Residential Treatment Center

3300 Rivermont Avenue (Barker-Cowling Building)
Lynchburg, VA 24503
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Meet our team

Centra's team of Caregivers is dedicated to providing the most advanced, personalized care.

Programs we offer

Residential program

Our residential program is best for those struggling with daily use of alcohol and drugs and those with withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuing substance use. We offer an up to 28-day stay and detox services for mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms

Intensive Outpatient program

Our outpatient treatment programs (IOP)  meet during the day or evening so you can take care of work, family, or other responsibilities. We meet three hours a day, four days a week for 6-8 weeks (morning or evening options). We use Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) with Suboxone.

Women's Intensive Outpatient program

This specialized program is designed for women struggling with a substance use disorder while pregnant or postpartum. The flexible program offers group therapy, Monday - Wednesday, as well as weekly individual counseling sessions and in-depth assessment and personalized treatment. Referrals can be made through OBGYN, Social workers, DSS, or Counselors.

Physician Recovery support group

Outpatient Recovery Program

Treatments we offer

We utilize a twelve-step facilitation toward recovery. Twelve-step meetings support the idea that individuals who attend meetings maintain abstinence from alcohol and drug use which incorporates Recovery Dharma, mindfulness-based practice.

Exercise and recreational activities

Part of recovery can mean discovering or rediscovering different things that you enjoy doing that add meaning to your life, such as exercise, yoga, art and therapeutic outings.

Dialectical Behavioral therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy emphasizes the psychosocial aspects of treatment involves a close relationship with a therapist. Therapists assist patients in creating a progressive plan of recovery, finding a balance between change and acceptance, developing new coping skills, and improving unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors.

Motivational interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is evidenced-based, non-confrontational counseling approach that assists individuals to discover their own motivation to change by working through their personal uncertainties.

Medication - Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) with Suboxone is the use of medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapie can sustain recovery. We offer Suboxone for MAT in our out-patient and residential programs.

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