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Autism & Developmental Services

Centra's Autism & Developmental Services is dedicated to helping each individual with autism and other developmental disorders reach their full potential.
Two small children laughing and playing on a swing set

Our approach

Centra Autism and Development is a comprehensive hub for autism screening, diagnosis, and related therapies. Our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive & individualized treatment plans that promote growth, development, and independence.  Our coordinated services provide the patient & family with the most effective care.


Our experts in Autism and Developmental Services have an emphasis on the following:

  • Developmental pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychological testing
  • Individual & family therapy
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) 
  • Speech Language Pathology 
  • Occupational therapy

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Where you can find us

We have a number of conveniently located facilities in your neighborhood. See all Locations

Meet our team

Centra's team of Caregivers is dedicated to providing the most advanced, personalized care.



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