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Mission Moment, by Kendall Jenkins

Published on Tuesday July 9, 2024
Kendall Jenkins Mission Moment

Centra’s mission of “improving the health and quality of life for the communities we serve” hits home for me.  I have been blessed to have lived in our beautiful community my whole life.  Centra has played an important role not only in my health but also my professional life.  

Starting in high school as a Centra volunteer, interning at Centra PACE as an undergraduate to now serving as the Business Development Coordinator, being able to fulfill Centra’s mission is a task I strive to fulfill every day.

Business Development at Centra encompasses provider relations and employer relations while also supporting community relations.  I want to take a moment and give credit to the team members in each of these departments for their hard work and dedication to Centra as they each work daily to make a difference. It does not go unnoticed.

Although Business Development is not a clinical role in healthcare, our team works to bring awareness to initiatives and opportunities that promote innovation, expand access, grow services and improve patient care.  

Our teams collaborate with multiple Caregivers across all Centra’s service lines and markets.  We work to help spread awareness of new capabilities, available access to various services, and assist in streamlining processes to optimize operations that improve Centra’s quality of care.

As the outreach team, our role ties to Centra’s mission by ensuring our healthcare community stays informed of the available services to help ensure patients have access to the care they need where they need it. This can lead to earlier interventions, better management of chronic conditions and reduction in health disparities.

From delivery of my two daughters at Virginia Baptist Hospital to holding my grandparents’ hands at Lynchburg General Hospital as they took their last breath, Centra has and will continue to be a part of my life.  Ensuring that the work I contribute is impactful, meaningful and contributes to the well-being of the community is why I love my role and this organization.

I look forward to continuing to serve Centra and our community within my Business Development role while carrying out Centra’s mission. Thank you for this opportunity to share about Business Development and the great work we do!